So you just received that graduation announcement invitation and its time to send them a gift.

But what is a good gift to get a graduate?

Honestly, it really depends on the graduate themselves and what their plans are for the new few years. They may be leaving for college, moving into an apartment, staying with parents or heading off on a road trip. Your gift, how ever large or small should complement their plans during the next stage in their lives.Absolutely Awesome Graduation Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas of gifts graduates would appreciate:
Graduation Gift Idea, Headphone Cord Holder and Money Clip

Cash – However simple this gift is, if you are not sure of their next steps, cash is a wonderful way to say congratulations. It’s also a sign of trust, trusting that they will use the gift wisely. If you want to be creative with the cash, Pinterest has dozens of ideas to give cash with flair.

Gift Cards – Giving a gift card to a restaurant or store near to where the grad will be attending college or moving will help give them some money to use specifically in their new world. Target or Wal Mart is also often a nice option so they can purchase food or dorm supplies. Or is you know they are needing a new tablet or laptop, a gift card to Best Buy can help them towards their purchase.

Luggage – A backpack or overnight bag could quickly come in handy for the young grad when they want to take a weekend trip, come home for a few days or stay over at a friend’s house. Having a good sized bag to pack up a few days worth of clothing will always come in handy and its often not something a young person has ever considered purchasing for themselves.

Basic Desk Supplies – Having a nice, matching set of pens, paperclips, pushpins, notepads, stapler with staples and tape will never go unused. Basic desk supplies are one of those things a young person living on their own has probably taken for granted as their parents always had tape or staples around when needed. Do keep space in mind; dorms and apartment are often very small, so find a small, matching set of items.

A Sport Guppy – Due to space limitations, young grads will often appreciate items that can be extremely flexible and multi-functional. The Sport Guppy, wraps and organizes headphone cords, desk wires and more. It can also hold sunglasses and be a money clip. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and comes in plenty of fun colors. Almost every young grad will have a pair of headphones or ear buds, a Sport Guppy is a wonderful gift to give to help them keep those cords protect and organized.

The Best Graduation Gift, A Hot Pink iPad Air CaseFramed Pictures – The graduate will have new walls to decorate at some point in their life and having a collage of pictures is a wonderful way to keep good memories handy. If you are friends or follow their social media accounts you can find and print pictures to give them the frames full of pictures. If you don’t know them well enough to actually choose pictures, consider giving them a frame and gift card to Shutterfly so they can have pictures of their own choosing.

iPad Case – If the graduate has an iPad, they should have a good quality case to keep their tablet safe and protected for the next few years. They will also appreciate having an iPad case that is more mature than the one they may have had in high school. The Gwee Racer Case makes a fantastic gift option for graduates. It protects the case with high quality, fashionable materials and is designed with the Gwee Racer to clean the iPad screen and save energy.

Laptop Accessories – There is a very good chance the graduate already has or will be obtaining a laptop to help them in their future schooling. There are a plethora of fun and exciting accessories you can get as a gift. Our favorite option is the Gwee Leaf. A thin, colorful microfiber cleaning cloth that magnetically sticks to the edge of the laptop screen so its always handy. Laptops and their screens, whether touchscreen or not, have a remarkable ability to get dirty and covered in fingerprints and smudges. The Gwee Leaf is a super handy accessory the graduate can always carry with their laptop, and it doubles as a cell phone cleaner and glasses cleaner.

So have fun and get creative! Give them something practical, but conversational, that way it doesn’t take up unnecessary space, but its something that might spark conversation so the graduate can meet new people.