Gwee Keyring® (2-Pack)


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Gwee Keyring® - A Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Clean Glasses, Sunglasses and Touch Screens (2-Pack)

  • BEST GLASSES LENS CLEANER for Your Sunglasses or Prescription Eyewear. The soft microfiber inner layer keeps lenses and phone screens sparkling clean and smudge-free without scratching surfaces.
  • REVOLUTIONARY MICROFIBER: The Gwee Keyring® goes beyond simply wiping your glasses. A normal, untreated microfiber cloth can become a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew which can rub off onto your glasses and into your eyes. The microfiber of the Gwee Keyring is infused with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Product Protection, so your Keyring continually fights the microbes responsible for odors while remaining fresh and clean . It is like using a new cloth every time you wipe your glasses.
  • MAGNETIC CLASPS keep the Gwee Keyring securely and conveniently attached to your keys.
  • DURABLE OUTER LAYER is made from PU vinyl in a variety of fashionable, fun, easy to find colors.
  • BONUS - You will receive TWO (2) Keyrings for the price of one so you can keep one at home and still have one with you at all times.

The Gwee® Keyring is a revolutionary new product designed to keep your sport glasses, eye glasses and sunglasses fresh, clean and smudge-free while on the go. It follows Gwee's multi-functional brand essence by also being able to clean your MP3 player or mobile phone screen. It utilizes a patent pending magnetic system that allows it to attach easily and securely to your keyring. It is available in a variety of bright colors to keep you from losing your keys and the offer includes two Keyring's for even more useful opportunities. They also make great gifts.


The Gwee Keyring, always "When and Where You Need It"©.

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