About Gwee®

The Gwee® line of touchscreen and optical microfiber cleaning products is the brainchild of inventor Tad Mayfield in Houston, Texas. In 2011, after many weekends spent at the family’s kitchen table developing prototypes, Mr. Mayfield decided that a business could be created from this substantial group of innovative products. He then explored the commercialization of this new line of cleaning and on/off switching products for touch screen devices that offered convenience, portability and performance. And having validated everyone’s hunch, it was obvious that Gwee met a need in this niche market, and with the addition of entrepreneur and former business owner, Dan Valdez, as President, GUI Global Products, AKA Gwee was founded.

Over the course of the next two years, Mr. Mayfield and Mr. Valdez developed and refined the portfolio of Gwee products, continued to build the company, and began to implement the go-to market strategy. Manufacturing, packaging, distribution, branding, digital, advertising, and of course, sales were researched and secured, and with each milestone of implementation, Gwee affirmed it’s place in the market.

Besides cleaning performance using anti-microbial infused material that address dirt, oil and smudges, functional and portability are the driving value propositions of Gwee. “When and Where You Need It” is the brand essence of Gwee and each product is designed to be multi-functional in use. Uniquely, all Gwee items can be used beyond electronic devices to clean other glass based items like eyeglasses, sporting glasses and sunglasses.

It is estimated that over 90% of Americans own an electronic device such as a laptop computer or a personal mobile phone. Is it really a good idea to use your shirtsleeve or pant leg or a tissue (which actually leaves more dust) to clean the screen? Why not avoid the possibility of scratches and damage to your device screen by using a product that can clean your screen and carry with you at all times?

From touch to screen – hygienically clean, with Gwee®.

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If you have any questions or comments, please send them to: info@gwee.com.

Gwee Leaders

Chairman, President, Founder
Walter G. (Tad) Mayfield

Tad Mayfield is the inventor, founder, Chair and President of GUI Global Products, Ltd known as GWEE.  Founded in 2011, GWEE has numerous innovative patent and patent-pending products with four main business lines. The initial products went to market in the first quarter of 2013.  GWEE boasts of a management and support team second to none, with seasoned professionals who are top in their fields of management, marketing, engineering, development, branding, and manufacturing.

Tad is very active with community involvement as past Chair and current Board member of a local private school along with two separate oil and gas associations. He is also an advisory Board member for two university health organizations and a past Junior Warden and current Senior Counsel member of his church along with being a past member of the Management Committee for a conservation association.

Vice President, General Counsel
Brad Greer

Brad Greer has over 20 years of experience in health care, cybersecurity, identity theft, law, litigation, insurance, and government affairs. Greer and five others helped start up the United States’ leading identity theft protection Company in 2005. He served as the primary interface for the Company on legislative, administrative and regulatory issues with state and federal government. Over $75MM in private placement and venture capital was raised at the Company during his tenure, and Greer helped increase revenues over 38,400% from 2005 to over $130MM in annual sales in fiscal year 2009.

He also has extensive litigation experience and was the #1 non-equity lawyer in firm revenue production and client revenue collections for 2 years running. He was also a government affairs professional for an AIG company and was responsible for product approval in various states for the Company’s annuity and retirement products. His experience is wide and varied having served in numerous leadership positions for volunteer organizations, a university alumni association and philanthropy groups.

He is a Texas native who is also a direct descendant of an Alamo hero. Greer is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin where he received a BA in Government. And, he later received a JD from South Texas College of Law. Greer lives in Houston with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters, Marye Stuart and Meredith.

In Memory of Our Co-Founder and Former Executive Vice President
Daniel Valdez

Dan was an experienced Entrepreneur, having founded and owned several businesses in his 40-year career in the Office Products industry. Dan was a Founding Stakeholder of the nationally known and Number 1 (Princeton Review rated) University-level entrepreneurial program in The United States, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, where he built several of the programs and assisted in the development of the curriculum for the program.

Dan was involved in his Parish, St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Kingwood, as a Youth Minister and former Board member of the Parish Council. He also served the business community as a leader and member of various Business Organizations in Houston where he Chaired the founding of Martha’s Kitchen, a dignified and secure facility that serves the homeless and hungry in the Downtown Houston area.

He worked as a Professional Mentor to hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to revive many of their businesses, as he helped with their success, long term growth and sustained prosperity. He was a skilled and experienced leader, advisor, mentor and innovative entrepreneur. Dan was also the Founder of TreeHouse Advisors and a Co-Founder of GUI Global Products, Ltd.

He will truly be missed by the Gwee team.