Gwee® Racer


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Microfiber Touchscreen Cleaner for Tablets, Laptops & Computer Monitors

  • CONVENIENT, COMPACT, and PORTABLE: The Gwee® Racer is a cleaning kit that easily fits in any briefcase, desk drawer, handbag, backpack, or carrying case. Always handy when you need to clean your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, iPad or Macbook.
  • MICROFIBER REVOLUTION: The Gwee Racer goes beyond simply wiping your screen and actually protects against odor causing microbes. 
  • ALWAYS HANDY: A unique magnetic capability keeps the Gwee Racer secure in its holder while the holder conveniently attaches to the back of tablets, or laptops using a special adhesive. This is an optional feature as the embedded magnets will often hold the Racer and its holder to your screen without using the adhesive.
  • BRIGHT & COLORFUL BONUSES: The Gwee Racer comes with 3 additional cleaning pads that are also washable. The variety of fun and fashionable colors allows you to match your laptop sleeve, tablet case and desk accessories or simply your personal sense of style.
The Gwee® Racer is a unique, multi-functional product was designed to bring you a convenient, compact cleaning solution for your smartphones and tablets that is always "When and Where You Need It"©. A normal untreated microfiber cloth can become a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew which can rub off onto your screen when you think you are cleaning it. By offering the Valuable Benefit of Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Product Protection, your Racer continually fights the microbes responsible for odors and remains fresh, clean and ready for each use. It is like using a new cloth every time you wipe your device.


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