Gwee Button® (2-Pack)


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The Gwee Button® - A Microfiber Cell Phone Screen Cleaner and Kickstand (2-pack)

  • REVOLUTIONARY screen cleaning solution for cell phones and small tablets.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE Antimicrobial microfiber cleaning cloth and kickstand that sticks safely and firmly onto the back of your cell phone or case.
  • INNOVATIVE MAGNET keeps the Gwee Button secure in its carriage. The carriage conveniently attaches to the back of phones and most phone cases using a special adhesive.
  • FRESHNESS PROTECTION: A normal, untreated microfiber cleaning cloth can become a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew which can rub off onto your screen when you think you are cleaning it. The Gwee Button® is embedded with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Product Protection, so your Button continually fights microbes while remaining fresh and clean. It is like using a new cloth every time you wipe your device.
  • LIVING HINGE opens to give you a sturdy kickstand for hands-free talking and watching videos.
  • FUN, FASHIONABLE colors to match your case, style and personality. Your Button will be quite the Conversation Starter! Teachers use them as Classroom Incentives; they are also an excellent GIFT IDEA to add to an accessory bundle or basket.
  • BONUSES: Each Order includes TWO Buttons, Plus several replacement cleaning pads and extra double-sided adhesive stickers. We want you to get as much use out of your Button as possible, and be happy to share it with friends & family.

The Gwee Button® is a revolutionary, multi-functional cell phone screen cleaner. It uses a special adhesive to attach to the back of your phone or phone case, so it's available to clean your screen anytime it gets dirty, smudged or greasy. The handy kickstand feature keeps your phone upright when you need to talk or watch a video on your screen hands-free. The super absorbent cleaning pads are washable and replaceable for extended use over time. It comes in a variety of bright, easy to find colors. This offer includes 2 complete Gwee Button's, 5 extra cleaning pads, and 2 replacement adhesive stickers.


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