Tired of Tangled Headphones and Flopping Sunglasses?

The Sport Guppy is a practical little accessory to keep with you at all times.

Take a look at the top ways to use it: Sport Guppy for Organized Headphones

  1. To keep earphone wires secure and out of the way
  2. Keep sunglasses off of your neckline and where you want them thanks to the magnetic closure
  3. To keep your screen clean with the microfiber lining that goes wherever you go
  4. The microfiber lining also works on lenses of eyeglasses and sunglasses
  5.  To save more of your summer for the good stuff; you don’t need to be untangling wires and dropping your sunglasses at a barbecue–so don’t!

With all of these great ways to use the Sport Guppy, have you found the reason you love yours? If not, it might be just because you don’t own one yet. Just go for it, your sunglasses and earphones will thank you for it all summer long.