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The Gwee® Leaf – A Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth that Magnetically Attaches to your Tablet, Laptop or Computer (4-pack)

  • ALWAYS HANDY: uses the magnets already embedded in your laptop, tablet or monitor frame to secure itself for convenient storage
  • SOFT MICROFIBER: keeps screens sparkling clean and smudge-free without scratching surface.
  • FRESH AND CLEAN: with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Product Protection infused into the microfiber so your Gwee Leaf continually fights the microbes responsible for odors. It is like using a new cloth every time you wipe your device.
  • BRIGHT COLORS: on the durable Polyurethane vinyl outer layer for fashionable fun.
  • EASILY WASHABLE: for extended use.
  • BONUS PACK: you will receive 4 Gwee Leaf’s!

Get yourself this unique, innovative, patent pending accessory to keep your laptop screen, tablets and and any other touch screen devices you may own squeaky clean and smudge-free. The Gwee® Leaf attaches to virtually ANY computer, laptop or tablet using its uniquely embedded magnet to attach to the magnets already in your device’s frame to keep it “When and Where You Need It”©.

This offer includes 4 pieces. So each device you own can have one, or you can gift a few to a friend!

Ultra-Fresh is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates Inc.

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Dimensions 8.89 × 5.08 × 0.1524 cm
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