We have had some wonderful blogger reviews lately that we wanted to share with you.

Jamie from Cake Mom was excited to review our collection of Gwee products.

She raves that they are all lightweight, portable, and versatile & they also work well to keep her electronics and glasses clean. She especially loves that they help keep the germs away! She really enjoyed the Keyring, having it right on her keychain means she can clean her glasses and cell phone anytime from anywhere. One of her lucky followers even won a Gwee Keyring.

She really enjoyed the Gwee Sport Guppy

“The Sport Guppy is a versatile product that can be used to clean electronics and eyeglasses. In addition, it magnetically closes so you have additional options such as using it to wrap your earbuds. Thanks to the magnets, it can easily secure to clothing and hats. This product is really great and versatile! Not only can it keep my earbuds from getting tangles and lost, but I can easily and quickly clean my iPod before I take off for a run. I love a product that serves more than one purpose!”

Gwee Accessory Reviews


Sweepstakes Diva contacted us requesting to review the Gwee accessories, so we said yes of course!

She loved all the products, raving equally about them all. The Gwee Button offers a convenient way to clean your phone anytime it gets dirty. Her whole family wears glasses so they really enjoyed the Gwee Keyring. It works really well for them and she loves that is does not get in the way. She doesn’t much care for working out, but has found the Sport Guppy to be really useful to keep earbud chords from getting tangled while exercising and then can clean your phone or MP3 player. She uses the Gwee Leaf with her Mac to wipe down the screen when it is dirty or smudged


The ladies from New Age Mama received a full assortment of Gwee products to sample; here are their thoughts.

I was pretty impressed with these small little screen cleaners. I was sent several of the items to try and each of them worked very well. It was quick and easy to clean my screen, and my kids tablet screens too. One swipe across and there were no finger prints, dust, or anything else lurking.
I like how convenient these products are. Gwee has thought of each line someone would need, from one that sticks on the back of your device, to a key ring. Several of them are magnetic so you can snap them on the fridge if need be.
They come in an assortment of colors, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love. Gwee also includes replacement clothes in case yours gets dirty of damaged, you’ve got another nearby.

They call Gwee products the easy way to clean your electronics


DIY House Help has provided a wonderful, thorough review of the Gwee Button

Their review included a complete review with pictures and diagrams of its functionality, uses and purposes. It is a beautifully done piece that we are honored to have written about the Gwee Button.

Review of Gwee Button by DIY House Help


We wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful reviews. We appreciate the work and writing and look forward to seeing your future material and the partnership in our journey’s to success.