Another Raving Reviewer of Gwee Products!

Kelly Wonderlin of Its A Wonderful Wonderlin Life reached out to us a few weeks ago asking to review our Racer Case for her Apple iPad. We of course said yes and have been loving that decision ever since!

Kelly is very easy to communicate with and even made a YouTube video featuring her favorite aspects of the Racer Case! Her blog review is excellently written and features her own pictures of the items being used and her honest experiences and review of the products. She has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to any future interactions.

Here is Kelly’s YouTube review of the Racer Case for her Apple iPad.

We loved hearing that her favorite item is the Gwee Racer.

They make a special eraser that uses a micro-fiber pad that is super easy to use and erases your finger prints instantly. The Gwee Racer Case comes with an eraser that uses a magnetic force, sticking to your iPad or you can put it in the insert so you never lose the eraser stick.

Thank you Kelly!