Ready for Some New Life Hacks!

New life hacks are always fun to learn. Here are some favorites and ones that seem most practical for a kitchen and cooking. Several of these I have tried and had success with, a few are on my to do list. Enjoy!

1. Can I Waffle That?

My waffle iron tends to be a rather neglected kitchen appliance as I love waffles but never seem to have the time to actually make them. My waffle iron is about to get a brand new life after watching this video of fantastic and simple cooking hacks that I never thought of accomplishing with a waffle iron! Mine does not rotate though, so I’m not sure if it will still work the same…

2. Freeze it in an Ice Cube Tray

I used to find myself in a conundrum of what to do with leftover liquids such as chicken broth or tomato paste when I recipe did not require the entire amount in my can. One day, probably thanks to Pinterest, I tested pouring the leftovers into ice cubes trays and a new habit was born. Once frozen, I pop the cube out, place them in a freezer bag with the name and date on the label and I have pre-measured ingredients ready to throw into whatever I’m cooking up.Frozen food cubes

The same concept can be used for freezing and preserving herbs, or freezing fresh greens for smoothies.

Cutting a Watermelon3. Cutting Melons for Easy Sharing

This may not be a novelty to everyone, but I have always struggled with cutting melons, especially watermelons. It’s hard to get the pieces small enough to eat easily and not fall apart. This is a watermelon-cutting hack from Mama Say What.

Step 1. Cut the watermelon in half

Step 2. Take one half and place it cut side down. Cut into sections approximately 1 to 1.5 inches thick.

Step 3. Rotate the melon 90 degrees and repeat, creating 1-inch squares in the skin. (This is the trick I never thought of on my own; I always cut it into awkwardly sized wedges)

Step 4. Toss the end pieces that are mostly or all skin and rind. Then pick up pieces and eat. (I think from this point it would be easy to cut the melon into cubes if you are making a salad or appetizers plate and do not want rinds)


4. Forget Knives, Use Dental Floss.

I must say, I have not used this yet. But it is definitely going into the cap of knowledge to use someday. If it really works for cakes I will be very excited to not ruin the icing with a knife.Cutting with dental Floss

5. Keep Herbs, Asparagus, Leafy Greens and More happy in the Fridge

Anything with a stem and leaves can be treated almost as a bouquet to keep them fresh longer in the fridge. Trim the ends off the bottom, place them in a cup or jar (preferably with taller sides for support), add a little water, put them in the fridge and they are good to go. Parsley, cilantro, kale, spinach, asparagus and lettuce can be kept alive for weeks. It is also suggested to place a plastic bag over the leaves to protect them from the cold.

There are also special containers designed to house the greens such as the fresh herb keeper. I purchased it some time ago and found it to work very well at keeping the herbs alive, but my fridge recently got smaller and now it doesn’t fit very well, so I’m back to using a cup or mason jar…whatever is handy.Fresh Herb Keeper

6. Regrow Green Onions and Lettuce.

With a little TLC its easy to cut down a little of the grocery bill by regrowing green onions and lettuce. Leave 2-3 inches of stem on the green onions and heads of lettuce; place them in a cup with an inch of water on a windowsill or counter. The green onions will start growing within a few days. After the new shoots are used, place the bottoms back in the water and it will keep growing. Lettuce will take a little longer, but baby leaves will start growing from the middle in a week or two. Basil should also be kept on the counter with some water instead of being placed in the fridge; it does not like the cold.Growing Green Onions

7. Cherry Tomato Hack

These little guys are awesome to eat whole. But if you are using them for a salad or another dish they sometimes need to be cut in half. Here is a video for quick instructions.

My husband has proved this can also be done with plates instead of lids and the knife does not need to be serrated (but it make it easier).
8. Roasted Bananas ready for Baking

Banana bread is fantastic, but letting the bananas sit around until they are ripe is a challenge. Especially when roommates eat the bananas so quickly they are teased about being part monkey. This trick is awesome for making bananas ready for cooking. The skins look scary, but the inside is just fine.Ripen Bananas in the Oven

Step 1. Heat oven to 350 degrees

Step 2. Place however many bananas you need on a lined baking sheet (sometimes they leak and its messy)

Step 3. Place baking sheet in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until skins are browned and almost black.

Step 4. Slice them open lengthwise, and the insides should be all gooey and ready to use!

9. Lemons Can Do Anything
If you do not have a lemon tree maybe consider making friends with someone who does. Lemons have endless possibilities for cleaning, cooking, baking, grilling and more.

Here are 25 uses for Lemon Peels alone by Jillee with One Good Thing
Here are another 30 uses for Lemons for Healthy, Beauty, Cleaning, Eating and More.
Mix up Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon and Honey for a quick immunity boost, sinus remedy soothing a sore throat.
Here are at least 10 ways to use lemons in essential oil form.

10. Keep a Gwee handy.

The magnet in the Gwee Button will happily stick to a fridge. It is handy to have a bottle opener as a magnet close by on the fridge, so why not have the cleaning power of a Gwee Button on the fridge. It can hold papers and pictures, as a magnet should, while supplying always-handy hygienic cleaning power for your phone, tablet or computer. It also makes it handy for other people use and quickly clean their phones while traveling through the kitchen. So, pick up a Gwee Button and add a magnet with a purpose to your fridge and tell everyone about your new life hack for keeping your phone screen shiny clean.Gwee Button in Use