It becomes frustrating trying to protect headphones and cables from the wear and tear of tangling.

We understand the daily struggle of keeping headphones safe from life. Twitter supplies an endless amount of people moaning and groaning over tangled ear buds and all the problems they cause.Keeping Headphones from Tangling and Breaking

But what can be done to postpone the inevitable wire fraying or having that one ear bud stop working?

Firstly, start treating your headphones with more respect. They are very delicate pieces of technology. It’s actually a miracle they do not break easier.

Wrap them better. How you wrap your headphones and cables will make or break how long the wires will last. Don’t wrap them too tightly, the more coiled they are the more stress you are placing on the connecters and risk ruining the driver and cable. Be especially careful in all the places where the wires split or connect into another piece of the ear buds. Those are the most delicate areas so don’t bend the wires in those areas when you wrap them up.

Instead of wrapping them and then tossing them into a bag, store your headphones in an appropriate case or wrap designed to completely protect the ear buds. The Gwee Sport Guppy will help give you a tool for safely wrapping and storing your ear buds. It allows you to wrap them as loose or snug as desired and the magnets will attract the actual ear buds to hold them tight so they do not flop.

Do not let the ear buds and headphones dangle and hit things while being stored or worn. They are the most sensitive part, and with rough treatment you risk ruining the sensitive pieces inside the buds. It is recommended to use a headphone clip to keep the wires secure on your clothing when the headphones are in use. Then there is no chance of them falling out of ears and hitting something they shouldn’t.

We’ve seen a few creative people braid their headphone wires with embroidery floss to make them more sturdy. The end result looks really cool as the wires can be wrapped with any color embroidery floss available to create an endless array of patterns. There are a bunch of tutorials on Pinterest if you are crafty enough to give it a try.

Another trick we found to protect the connectors from fraying is to use heat shrink tubing to add strength to those areas of the wires. There are several ways to go about doing this, we do recommend finding a method that seems safe acceptable for your purposes.

But ultimately, be nice to those headphones and they will be nice to you. And consider buying a nicer pair of headphones, they are one of those items that if you spend a little more money you will usually get s nicer pair that will last longer. Plus, if you spend more money on them, you will generally try to be nicer to them.