Happy Mother on Mother's Day

I case you haven’t heard, Mother’s Day is this weekend!

Your mom is one of the most important people in your life and she definitely deserves a special thank you. Without her you wouldn’t be alive. Generally speaking, mothers tend to be pretty easy to please. As with most women, they really just want to be noticed and appreciated.

The consumer driven world we live in always suggests giving mom gifts. While most moms will love receiving a present, there are many other things you can do to make mom feel special with spending little to no money. Your options may also differ based on where you live.

If you live close by,

Make her a meal or take her out for a meal if you budget allows. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner, either way, keep her out of the kitchen. If you can combine this with getting the family together it will make it even more special.

Take her on a hike or simply get her out of the house. Once again, this involves spending time with your mom, which is what she really wants. A hike, a nice long walk, or going to a new park is a fun, cheap way to get out of the house. If you are able to spend a little more money, maybe consider taking her to the zoo.

Take her out for a spa day. Go relax with a massage and facial, or whatever type of treatment consists of a relaxing day for her. Moms often will not willingly let you spend this kind of money on them. So make sure you won’t offend or insult her by requiring she have a spa day. Some moms will really most appreciate just having the family over for dinner that she didn’t have to cook herself.

If you don’t live close by,

Consider dropping in unexpectedly. Can you imagine the look on your mom’s face, when she opens the door on Mother’s Day morning and there you are! Obviously it may be best to coordinate the visit with someone who can keep a secret from mom to make sure she is home, but it would be a fun surprise, and an easy vacation.

Send her a basket full of things she will love. Go through and actually fill the basket by hand instead of sending her something off the Internet so it has real meaning. This is a gift, yes, but it’s a personalized gift, which makes it more special. Like we said earlier, moms want to feel appreciated.

Create a memory book. Go through the family pictures and place them together in a memory book for your mom. Make sure to collect pictures from your siblings and sprinkle in quotes from the whole family about why your mom is so amazing.

Make a video montage. If you have the tech skills, this is one step up from the memory book. Have the family pitch in with short videos and moments telling mom how wonderful she is and sharing pieces of their lives. Then put them together and give your mom some wonderful moments she can watch for years to come.

If you want to show your mother some love and give to charity, share all the throwback pictures of you and your mom on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #MacysLovesMoms. For every moment you share, Macy’s will donate $3 to charity.

Do not feel bad if all you manage to do for Mother’s Day is call her and tell her you love her. She wants to know you care and appreciate all the work she put in to you over the years. Just tell her how much you appreciate her and she will feel like the most special mother in the world.