A comprehensive guide to cleaning the various parts of a laptopHow to thoroughly clean a laptop

There are several important aspects of your laptop that should be cleaned occasionally to keep it clean. Dust and lint get into the vents and ports, which can bog down the fan and innards of the laptop. Gunk gets stuck in the keyboard and can keep your keys from working. Smudges and dust on the screen simply get annoying to look at.

Before you begin any portion of deep cleaning it is important to power down the laptop, unplug it from the wall, and remove the battery if your laptop will allow. Gather a soft, preferably microfiber cloth, a can of condensed air, a vacuum cleaner and rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning your Laptop Fan

Laptop fans can quickly become clogged with lint, dust and small hairs. This leads to them not being able to cool you computer properly and you get an overheated, crashing computer.

There is discussion in the tech community about cleaning your laptop fan with a vacuum or compressed air, each argument has multiple pros and cons. A vacuum cleaner could create static that affects the insides of your laptop. Using compressed air can sometimes shove the debris further inside when not use appropriately.

As with anything, you need to be careful doing whichever method is chosen. This YouTube video shows a method to clean large amounts of debris out of the fan intake with a vacuum.

Once you get the majority of the lint and dust out of the intake fan, compressed air can be used to maintain and keep the basic dust out of the fan and ports.

Cleaning the Laptop Ports

The can of condensed air is also handy for cleaning dust out of the ports, but remember to blow the air in gently as to not lodge debris further inside. You may also use a dry cotton swab to clean inside the ports. Be careful to not use anything wet inside the ports.

Cleaning the Laptop’s Keyboard

A ton of grime, dirt, bacteria and crumbs can build up on keys, in between keys and keyboards without us even noticing until the keys are too sticky to work. The first step is to clean out loose crumbs and dust which can be done by gently spraying the keyboard at an angle with the compressed air or using a vacuum with brush attachment.

The keys themselves can be cleaned with cotton swabs or a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. But, be very careful that they are only damp, not dripping. You do not want any water or liquids getting in between the keys and into the computer.

Cleaning the Laptop Screen & Casings

The screen can also be cleaned with the same damp cloth. Do not use a paper towel as it can scratch the screen. Apply a gentle, even amount of pressure while cleaning the screen and use a smooth, continuous motion to avoid getting streaks from the oils.

To maintain a clean laptop screen we highly suggest using a Gwee Racer or Gwee Leaf. Both of them are microfiber-cleaning accessories designed specifically to keep your laptop screen squeaky clean. The soft microfiber will remove smudges and dust so you do not have to worry about the grime building up. They are also compact and portable to easily stay with your laptop, either on it or in the case.

Have fun cleaning your laptop!