The Gwee Gym provides a total-body workout that will burn calories and tone your body without having to visit the gym.

Curious how it works? Here is a fun, commercial to give you the run down!

So what else can you do with the Gwee Gym?

It can enhance your yoga and pilates workouts.

Yoga with the Gwee Gym in Santo Tomas

Its small, lightweight design allows it to travel well. So it can come with you on that beach vacation.Yoga Poses with Gwee Gym at Santo TomasThe Gwee Gym supplies constant force resistance through the entire movement to increase intensity.

Yoga Poses with Gwee Gym at Santo Tomas

Many of the exercises may be performed from a seated position. Perfect if you are in a wheel chair or doing physical therapy.

Seated Exercises for Someone in a Wheel Chair

The start-up kit comes with a bunch of extra goodies in addition to your Gwee Gym. You will get a tote bag for easy traveling, a workout DVD featuring 3 complete exercises targeting total-body, cardio and home care. The DVD also has a video with signature exercises, exclusive to the Gwee Gym.

As a BONUS, you will receive a certificate to register your Gwee Gym. After registration you will gain access to the Healthy Eating Nutritional Guide! A downloadable E-Book exclusively created for Gwee Gym customers to kickstart your healthy living lifestyle. Gwee Gym Total Body Work-out


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If you have gotten yourself a GweeGym without the workout DVD, all the work-outs are also available on the Gwee Gym YouTube channel!