Have the coolest Dorm RoomHeading off to college in the fall?

Let’s Get your dorm room prepped with some fun stuff that is practical and exciting!

To get the ball rolling, make sure to go through an essentials checklist. Who says the essentials have to be boring though!

Start your dorm décor off right with an epic bedding set. Make sure you know the size bed you are getting and then go find yourself something fun to spice up the room and set yourself apart. The beds are often not comfortable; so don’t forget a good mattress pad.Epic Dorm Room Bedding

Since there is a good chance you will be spending a lot of time sitting on your bed, splurge a little on awesome, comfy throw pillows or an arm rest pillow so you can sit anywhere. Dorm Room Essentials Bed Rest Pillow

Creative storage is key. If your bed is not tall enough to store boxes underneath then invest in bed lifts asap. Then get yourself some fun containers to organize items under the bed. Over the door organizers should also become your best friend to stash shoes, purses, coats, etc.Dorm Room USB Bed Lifts

Many dorms will not let you nail anything into the wall, so get creative with sticky hooks. Um! Brands has a pretty cool college kit to get you going. The magnets in a Sport Guppy are useful for keeping wires and cords organized so they don’t make unsightly messes around the room.Um Brands Hooks for College Dorm

The classic mini fridge and coffee pot have gotten a retro, space saving upgrade that is perfect for dorm room life. The Mini Breakfast Shoppe has coffee, toaster oven and griddle combined into one. Mini-fridges come in all shapes and sizes, and are always handy.


A good pair of headphones and speakers may just save your sanity. Get a good quality set of headphones to make sure they last a long time. Keep those headphones untangled with a Sport Guppy. Having a multi purpose speaker and phone dock is a good way to save space, add some color and make sure your alarm is loud enough.

High Quality, Dynamic Sound Headphones

Chances are you will be bringing a laptop or tablet to help with homework. Spice it up with some fun accessories and don’t forget a screen cleaner like the Gwee Racer to get rid of smudges and grime.

Microfiber Tablet Screen Cleaner

Have fun! Don’t try and buy everything before you get there. Get settled, make the bed and get a lay of the land before heading out to grab the décor. And who knows, maybe your roommate will bring a bunch of cool stuff and then you don’t have to buy much!