Raving Reviewers

We have had some wonderful blogger reviews lately that we wanted to share with you.

Jamie from Cake Mom was excited to review our collection of Gwee products.

She raves that they are all lightweight, portable, and versatile & they also work well to keep her electronics and glasses clean. She especially loves that they help keep the germs away! She really enjoyed the Keyring, having it right on her keychain means she can clean her glasses and cell phone anytime from anywhere. One of her lucky followers even won a Gwee Keyring. Continue reading

How to Clean a Laptop

A comprehensive guide to cleaning the various parts of a laptopHow to thoroughly clean a laptop

There are several important aspects of your laptop that should be cleaned occasionally to keep it clean. Dust and lint get into the vents and ports, which can bog down the fan and innards of the laptop. Gunk gets stuck in the keyboard and can keep your keys from working. Smudges and dust on the screen simply get annoying to look at. Continue reading

All the Ways to Use a Gwee Racer

The Gwee Racer is ultimately a Microfiber Screen Cleaner for your tablet, especially designed to work with your Apple iPad.

But, people all over have been raving about how much fun they are having with it and how handy it has been for them.

Britt the Miners Wife shared with us on Twitter how much she loves having the Gwee Racer to use on her Kindle.Twitter User who loves her Gwee Racer

Reviewers and customers on Amazon seem to be especially in love with their Racer’s. Continue reading

Top Ideas for Easter Meals

What to make for Easter Dinner?

Easter meals present a wonderful time to get creative; as there is no one type of food you should eat.

The most common main course for Easter is ham. Here are a few ideas on delicious way to prepare the ham.

This mouth-wateringRiesling-Peach Glazed Ham by Real House Moms looks too delicious too be true.Mouth Watering ham by Real House Moms

Or consider the fun,multi flavored Coca-Cola Glazed Ham with Brown Sugar and Dijon from South Your Mouth

Another idea for the main Easter course is lamb. Continue reading

Exercise Plans for Busy Working Moms

Exercising is hard work, being a mom is hard work, adding a job makes both even harder.

So then why does everyone say exercising is worth all the hard work?

“I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intentions of finding it again.”

Someday you will thank yourself for making the time time to exercise. Being a busy mom may mean you don’t have hours and hours to exercise, but exercise can be fit into 10, 15 and 30 minute moments stolen throughout the day.

Waking up early is often the most discussed way to add a few minutes for a workout.

Stacy Louis with Work Mom Blogs has some wonderful advise and tips for finding work-out time and motivation in the morning. “Getting up early to work out actually increases creativity, productivity and generally makes you a happier person. There are so many benefits, how can you say no!” Continue reading

How to Safely Clean a Tablet

How to Safely Clean a Tablet ScreenAs tech lovers, who specialize in touchscreen cleaning accessories, here are our top tips to keep your tablet clean.

Simple Grime: The easiest way to keep the screen clean is to wipe off smudges, prints and grime along the way. Always make sure to use a microfiber cloth or wipe specially designed for touchscreens. Using material not designed for screens can cause micro-scratches and damage that over time will dull the screen. Wipe screens in a circular motion to give an even, buffed finish and avoid the risk of obtaining large scratches when a piece of dirt gets caught in the cloth.

Germs: Simply wiping smudges off the screen is a good start, but bacteria and germs are invisible and can still be present even after cleaning with a microfiber cloth. There are alcohol and ammonia free cleaning solutions that kill germs, but they can be pricey. There are also UV sterilizers into which phones and tablets can be placed to sterilize the screens. So many tests of phones and tablets have found ridiculous amounts of bacteria and even fecal matter on the screens, so make so your cleaning routine involves an anti-microbial treatment

Solution: All of Gwee’s microfiber cleaning cloth accessories come embedded with Ultra-Fresh’s patented anti-microbial solution to ensure that bacteria and germs are safely removed from your screens and not allowed to grow inside the fibers of the cloth. The Racer and the Leaf are the main accessories designed to travel with your tablet so you are never without a hygienically clean screen. Continue reading