3 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Amazon Listings

Easy Ways to Boost Amazon RankingsWhile there is an endless list of things you could be doing to increase Amazon product rankings, we are going to narrow down to 3 main areas that are easy to fix.

Selling on Amazon is hard, especially if you are trying to establish and unknown brand. But it is possible to beat out the customers and establish a product line that your customers will keep returning to buy. Continue reading

Racer Case Review by Kelly Wonderlin

Another Raving Reviewer of Gwee Products!

Kelly Wonderlin of Its A Wonderful Wonderlin Life reached out to us a few weeks ago asking to review our Racer Case for her Apple iPad. We of course said yes and have been loving that decision ever since!

Kelly is very easy to communicate with and even made a YouTube video featuring her favorite aspects of the Racer Case! Her blog review is excellently written and features her own pictures of the items being used and her honest experiences and review of the products. She has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to any future interactions.

Here is Kelly’s YouTube review of the Racer Case for her Apple iPad.

We loved hearing that her favorite item is the Gwee Racer.

They make a special eraser that uses a micro-fiber pad that is super easy to use and erases your finger prints instantly. The Gwee Racer Case comes with an eraser that uses a magnetic force, sticking to your iPad or you can put it in the insert so you never lose the eraser stick.

Thank you Kelly!

Absolutely Awesome Graduation Gift Ideas

So you just received that graduation announcement invitation and its time to send them a gift.

But what is a good gift to get a graduate?

Honestly, it really depends on the graduate themselves and what their plans are for the new few years. They may be leaving for college, moving into an apartment, staying with parents or heading off on a road trip. Your gift, how ever large or small should complement their plans during the next stage in their lives.Absolutely Awesome Graduation Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas of gifts graduates would appreciate: Continue reading

Quotes, Sayings and Inspiration for Graduation

Graduation season is upon us.A Collection of Gradutation and Inspirations Quotes

I’ve started seeing pictures all over social media of smiling faces all over social media  that are barely visible around caps, tassels, awkwardly large gowns, leis and drapes. I remember spending so much time shopping for that perfect graduation outfit, only to realize no one would ever see the outfit and it was a good thing I bought cute shoes.

It seems graduation is supposed to be about looking towards to future and basking in our accomplishments, not worrying about outfits. So once we figured out that the gowns flattered us intellectually, we had a wonderful time strutting our stuff across that stage in our baggy graduation gowns and cute shoes.

The graduation speeches are the inspiring points of the event, so to help in the inspiration we gathered together some wonderful quotes on life, money, work to give all the grads some words of wisdom as they move into the next stage of life.

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How to protect headphone cables

It becomes frustrating trying to protect headphones and cables from the wear and tear of tangling.

We understand the daily struggle of keeping headphones safe from life. Twitter supplies an endless amount of people moaning and groaning over tangled ear buds and all the problems they cause.Keeping Headphones from Tangling and Breaking

But what can be done to postpone the inevitable wire fraying or having that one ear bud stop working?

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Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow

So it’s springtime and all the hardware stores and home goods stores are brimming with seeds, plants and gardening supplies galore.

But if you are new to the world of gardening, which plants are the easiest to start growing?

This topic probably brings much debate, and there are many factors that come into play, such as how much space and light you have to offer them, and how often you will remember to water.Top Easiest Plants to Grow Continue reading