Easy Ways to Boost Amazon RankingsWhile there is an endless list of things you could be doing to increase Amazon product rankings, we are going to narrow down to 3 main areas that are easy to fix.

Selling on Amazon is hard, especially if you are trying to establish and unknown brand. But it is possible to beat out the customers and establish a product line that your customers will keep returning to buy.

1. Have THE BEST Images and Pictures

Customer tend to not read; Amazon customers are no better. They will skim through each picture before reading a single word in your bullets or description.

Your Amazon Images must Speak For Themselves!

You have 9 images total. 7 will show up on the main page, the other 2 will be visible once the customers clicks to view the pictures larger.

Use every single picture slot whenever humanly possible. Need some pictures ideas?

  • Tell the story of the product.
  • Show it in the packaging
  • Out of the packaging
  • All the contents of the packaging
  • All angles of the item
  • The item being used in real life
  • Highlight key aspects with branded text. (Be careful, text is not allowed on the main image, so only use text on inner images)

Invest in having professional pictures taken and designed. A graphic designer with Photoshop can make or break the difference in your images. It’s obvious when an image’s background has not been properly blown out or when shadows have not been appropriately placed.

1000×1000 pixels are the minimum size your pictures should be, but making them 3000×3000 pixels will be even better. Your customers cannot touch and feel your products, so your pictures must do it for them.

Have a main product image that blows your competitors away. If no one clicks your listing then you will not sell anything. Compare the angles, colors and shadows of all your competitors’ main images and make sure yours is just a little bit different to draw their attention. This image will also be the picture that shares across social media and Amazon’s ad placements, so this picture must shout to your customers “Click Me!”

Notice the colors and angles in each of these images. KitchenAid decided to be a little different and not show color…it makes their listing pop. The Ninja Master Prep in the #1 spot took their picture at an upward angle making the item look more intense.Creating Main Images for Amazon Listings

2. Have Amazing Customer Service

People like feeling special. Amazon customers are no different. Having a good seller ranking will increase your chances of winning the buy box, Amazon’s algorithm will like you better and potentially increase your sales ranking and your customers will appreciate the personalized treatment.

There are many ways to have great customer service on Amazon.

  • Respond to every single product review. In order to respond to product reviews you will need to have purchased something as a customer with your account. Change your profile name to _______ Customer Service, or something that you like, and then go respond to comments. Say thank you, answer questions or concerns. Maybe guide a customer to a product or size they may like better. This works 2-fold. Past customers will feel appreciated for taking the effort to leave a review, and future customers will se that the seller is engaged, so if they have a problem it will be easier to get answers.
  • Respond to seller reviews. Say thank you. Amazon likes it when sellers are actively engaged with their customers.
  • Respond to customer emails ASAP. Your seller ranking will be bumped down if it takes you longer than 24hours to respond to a customer. So check your seller account every single day. Do not just rely on emails coming to your inbox.

3. Have Your Listings Properly Optimized with Keywords. 

Before you even start writing your listings you should have a list of keywords to guide your titles, bullets and descriptions.

The title is an extremely important part of your listing, you only have 250 characters & only the first 90 may show up in search results. So make sure your informative keywords are first.

Utilize your most pertinent keywords; Brand, Product, Size, Color, Attributes and then choose 1 or 2 keywords phrases to incorporate into the listing. If you are a private label seller don’t worry about placing your brand name first, no one knows who you are yet. You want your first characters to be the defining reason someone will click on your product.

Consider these listings. A customer will probably be searching for the product, not the brand so it is wise to have the first 20+ characters be the defining keywords, then follow up with the Brand, Product name, Size, Colors and Attributes.Writing the Best Amazon Product Listing Title

But, if you are selling an item where the brand & product name do matter, then swap the previous statement and place them first. Work your title to enhance your listing, be creative and write something people will want to click while sticking with Amazon’s Guidelines.

The bulk of your keywords should be in the bullet points. The bullet points need to be a very precise, keyword rich well-written description of your product & why the customer needs it. Amazon will normally let you write a lot in each bullet point, but don’t. Consider this the spark notes of your product. Too long and customers will get bored and move on. Engage them quickly, get the point across efficiently, and use keywords.

Fill out every possible search term space in the back end of your Amazon listing. Nathan Grimm from Moz wrote out these excellent guidelines for Keyword terms.

  • There are five fields that accept 50 characters each.
  • You do not need to repeat any words
  • Commas will be ignored
  • Quotation marks will unnecessarily limit your keyword
  • Including multiple variations of the same word is unnecessary
  • Including common misspellings is unnecessary
  • Order of the search terms may matter

Do include synonyms or spelling variations (e.g. include sun screen and sunscreen) 

Optimizing Amazon Keywords in Listings

While this is far from an all-inclusive list, we hope it sparked some ideas to help you enhance your listing for better results. Amazon does have very particular rules to give their customers a specific experience, but that does not mean you cannot make your listing better than the competitors. You may just need a little bit of extra creativity.