What Our Customers Are Saying Their Gwee

“A Houston relative of mine had the Gwee button on his phone. Of course, I inquired about it. He sent me one and it arrived today. I am already enjoying how well it cleans and clears my cell phone screen. I am an advocate of all the “inventors” out there making simple products to make our lives easier and efficient. Thank you, Gwee! I know I shall be starting a trend in Tulsa, Oklahoma by having your product on my phone.”
 LG/Tulsa, OK

“Hi — I just received my Gwee® order and must say I am very impressed with your products… I am so glad I saw the ad on TV and ordered. One of my inserts said to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to you to receive a free one year supply of replacement pads. I will be glad to send you this envelope. Thanks for your help and getting this product to us so quickly.”
-Diane M.

“I purchased the full line of Gwee® products that was offered in an infomercial. I have used all of them, but my favorite by far is The Button. It cleaned my cell phone screen to a shine, and there wasn’t a streak or smudge in place. The fact that it’s always accessible and can be used as a phone stand too, makes this a great find and I highly recommend it!”

“I like how convenient these products are. Gwee has thought of each line someone would need, from one that sticks on the back of your device, to a key ring. Several of them are magnetic so you can snap them on the fridge if need be. It was quick and easy to clean my screen, and my kids tablet screens too. One swipe across and there were no finger prints, dust, or anything else lurking.”
New Age Mama