Exercising is hard work, being a mom is hard work, adding a job makes both even harder.

So then why does everyone say exercising is worth all the hard work?

“I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intentions of finding it again.”

Someday you will thank yourself for making the time time to exercise. Being a busy mom may mean you don’t have hours and hours to exercise, but exercise can be fit into 10, 15 and 30 minute moments stolen throughout the day.

Waking up early is often the most discussed way to add a few minutes for a workout.

Stacy Louis with Work Mom Blogs has some wonderful advise and tips for finding work-out time and motivation in the morning. “Getting up early to work out actually increases creativity, productivity and generally makes you a happier person. There are so many benefits, how can you say no!”

Mom working and exercisingShe has a simple, sample schedule to keep you entertained for a few weeks of workouts

Day 1: Cardio on your Elliptical machine one day a week
Day 2: Upper body Weight training video on Men’s Health magazine website
Day 3: Power yoga DVD with Jillian Michaels
Day 4: Lower body/abs weight training DVD with 3, 5 or 7 lb. weights
Day 5: Zumba DVD

If you have someone else at home with the kids, and are free to leave the house for a workout here’s her suggested outline of a workout week:

Day 1: Cardio machine at the gym
Day 2: Weight training on the circuit training equipment at the gym
Day 3: Spinning class (cardio) at the gym
Day 4: Boot camp (cardio and strength training) at the local community track
Day 5: Power yoga class (cardio and strength) at the yoga studio

Check out her post for even more tips for an early morning workout success

Here are a few pointers when considering your new exercise routine:

  • Pick which types of exercise will work best for you and change it up if you get bored easily.
  • Make sure your goals are reasonable. Think of weight in 10lb increments and start slow so you do not burn out. Set rewards along the way such as new gym clothes.
  • Make it a priority and set time aside. The time may look different every day, some mornings may be easier, some days evening or lunch breaks may be easier.
  • Make sure to take proper care of yourself. If you are sick rest and get better. Or if you need to take a day off to take care of a sick child do not feel guilty, just make sure you keep it up the next day.

There are ways to incorporate an exercise and workout plan at work.
You may not be able to get all your cardio and sweat in, but you can work on toning!

Popsugar Fitness suggests Side Stretches, Butt Squeezes and Leg Lifts while sitting at the desk.

Livestrong has some wonderful Ab exercises to do at your desk including crunches and sitting on an exercise ball.

Sitting on an exercise ball has been considered a wonderful way to help back problems, abs and hips from the accumulated problems of sitting at a desk all day. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting on a ball at your desk can improved balance and tone your core.

Exercising Plan for Working Moms with KidsIf you are working out at home, try to incorporate and even use the kids!

– Put it a Zumba video or find one on YouTube and have the kids dance along with you.

– Do planks and see who can hold out longer, you or the kids.

– If you have stairs then get some exercise running up and down.

– Use the kids as weights for squats and push-ups, or have them sit on your feet for sit-ups.

– Put in a Yoga or Pilates video and have them do it along with you, yoga is good for the kids too

Working out while being a hard working mom is hard but it’s worth it! It’s better for your health, emotionally and physically. Plus, its good character building for the kids to see mom working towards a healthy goal.