Happy National Chili Day!

Cold seems to have permeated the country. We were scraping ice off our windows even here in Houston today. When we learned it is National Chili Day, we started dreaming of warm, heaping bowls of comfort food. To indulge our taste buds, we decided to compile the best chili recipes on Pinterest we could find. To try and satisfy all taste buds, we found all options of traditional, sweet, spicy, vegetarian and more to keep you chili satisfied for many dinners coming.

The Best Chili Recipes on Pinterest

The Best Chili on Earth by Pip & Ebby

This tasty looking bowl popped up as number one on Pinterest, so we figured it has to be delicious. Many seem to agree with her statement that it is the best chili on earth. If nothing else the pictures are amazing and make us so hungry.

The Best Chili Ever

Southern Classic: Frito Chili Pie from The Pioneer Woman

She loves whipping these up for high school football games. They also look easy to hand out to a party of kids without a lot of clean up. We are all for not cleaning tons of bowls at the end of a meal.

The best frito chili pie

One Pot Chili Mac & Cheese by Damn Delicious

As if one comfort food is not enough, combining two sounds too good to be true. This meal is super easy and takes about 30-min and we are told the whole family will go crazy for it!

The Best Mac and Cheese Chili

Quinoa Chili by Cooking Classy

Using quinoa instead of meat is a delicious option for the vegetarians, or anyone looking to make their meal times more healthy. This type of chili is very easy to add extra vegetables making it even more healthy and hearty.

quinoa chili

The Biggest Loser Crock Pot Turkey Chili by iFoodReal

After watching Biggest Loser she was inspired to make her own clean chili recipe with ground or leftover turkey that was also full of veggies and cooking while she sleeps.

Biggest Loser Turkey Chili

Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili by Lovely Little Kitchen

This chili is made with shredded chicken and a handmade white sauce to change up the norm of a tomato base chili. Making the sauce by hand also cuts down on processed food.

Creamy chicken chili

Signature Spicy, Smoky, Sweet Chili from Iowa Girl Eats

As a kid she didn’t like chili, but in her 20 something’s she rediscovered how delicious chili is when the weather is frigid. After some fine-tuning of the recipe she found one that suites all her taste buds and has enough spicy with the sweet to even it all out.

Spicy, sweet, smokey chili

So who is hungry for some chili?!